Thornton’s: Stick to Get Unstuck

Thornton’s is closing stores. [What is it about The High Street that makes brands go all squiffy? I read / overheard once that White Stuff, as part of its brand management, NEVER opts for High Street. Always one-street-removed. White Stuff is a Good Brand. Correlation / Causation?]

Thornton’s is closing stores. Now, I’m not an impartial observer, here. We created Burnt Sugar (partly) to have reverse-polarity to Thornton’s.

And I’m sure Thornton’s has a whole bunch of stuff to deal with. Store rents, franchise model, major-retailer shelves as well as their own.

Still. Maybe that’s the point. When we’re building and growing a business, all sorts of ‘opportunities’ arise. Stretching into a new category. Collaborating with another brand. Licensing our brand. 


When it comes to brands – Breadth makes us messy. Depth makes us Meaningful. You say ‘No’ more than you say ‘Yes’.

You can grow, of course you can, just grow more deeply. You can extend, just know your Position. Your Word. The one you Own. In the mind of your consumer.

Thornton’s have been the decadent /everyday / grown-up / child-like / traditional / modern / mass / artisan / chocolate / sugar / confectioner.

“Chocolate Heaven since 1911”. “The Art of the Chocolatier.”  “More thought goes into Thornton’s”.

Decide which you are. Indulgent. Artist. Considerate-Giver-of-Warm-Hugs.

My belief is, until they find their Position – it’ll be a sticky mess.





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