Free Gift Inside…

Shake your laptop. Hear the lovely rattle?

That’s our FREE GIFT to you. Like a Kinder Surprise – only even kinder.

Call us / email / beep-your-horn at the lights…and we’ll:

1. come running to you

2. give you a couple of hours of consultancy FREE

The clock won’t be watched (by us)…it’ll be long enough for:

a. you to tell us your challenge / issue / project / objective*

[*insert preferred euphemism for ‘problem’ here]

b. you to tell us your (abridged) story-so-far

c. us to stroke our chins for a bit

d. us to give a tasting-sample of the changes we would help you make**

**like you, we’re in business – and we like to earn a fee, eventually. But only if we think we can be really useful.

(We learned, building our own brand, Burnt Sugar, that sampling was a great way to let people discover whether our sweets were what they wanted. The sweets weren’t for everyone. Neither is Brilliant Mistake. Sampling is one way to find out.)

We’ll try to be un-British (i.e. not mumble and shuffle our feet) when it gets to money-talk, if we think we can be useful.

In fact, we’ll ask – before we come to see you – if you have a budget (or just a bag of money in a holdall) for us to work with you.

If you don’t…at least we know.

Doesn’t mean you don’t get the FREE GIFT. Just means…

i. meeting you is a chance for us to learn something we didn’t know before (and we love learning)

ii. meeting you is a chance to show-off our cleverness, so you’ll come back when you do have a budget. Or tell your friends. You might even invite us to your entrepreneur-networking-club-type-thing as a speaker. We love speaking.

That’s it. Call now for your FREE GIFT.



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