Stance Steps

Good Brands have their own STANCE – and since we want to build yours into a Good Brand, here’s what we mean (and what we do…)

Each of these is (more fully) the subject of our ‘Brandishing Blog’

Here, in short, is how – Step-by-Step, working with your brand – we identify your:

SOMETHING-NESS: Your Special-ness, Other-ness, Distinctive-ness.
Your right-to-be-noticed. (aka your Brilliant Mistake).

TERRITORY: Not ‘Wisconsin’,or the Basingstoke-area. No, this is the place you own in the mind of your consumer / client. Sometimes called your Position.

ATTITUDE: Our Identity. Told in a Story, that shows our bearing, gait, posture. The way we speak, the words we use. The colours we wear, the (metaphorical) hat we don. And whether it’s tilted to the side of our head.

N-TENTION: Our Purpose. Mission. Aim. Where we’re headed, and the direction we’re taking. Doesn’t have to be lofty, or worthy. Just purposeful. Meaningful. Opinionated. Because we’re hoping others are going to follow us.

COHESION: and Consistency. How we are going to – ahem – Control things. So they reinforce each other. Of course, there is a lot we can’t control (least of all the minds of our consumers) – and there is probably a lot we don’t want to control (so we can genuine participation & engagement). The rest – though – we want to have a grip-on.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Persuasion is inappropriate. Communication is too passive. We need a plan of how we will Encourage people, the ones we want to know us.

If this is something you would like to talk about, for your brand, get in touch and claim your ‘free gift inside.’


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